a gender for change


fran deighton - strategic solutions manager, junkee media

All over the world a new generation of empowered young women are rising up to lead the charge and help reshape our culture. Junkee Media’s latest annual research delves deep into how young Australians are dealing with a post #metoo world, and contrasts this year’s findings with data from 25,000+ Millennials they’ve spoken to over 9 years. A Gender For Change is an insightful and entertaining research dive into what really matters to under 35s, from climate change to technology, mental health to social media, and what all of this means for marketers and brands trying to reach these ever-changing consumers.

esports for brands


sean callanan - founder, sports geek

Esports - professional competitive computer gaming - is the fastest growing sport category in the world. 

According to Newzoo, the number of esports enthusiasts worldwide will reach 201 million in 2019, which translates to year-over-year growth of 15%. 

Learn global esports trends and how brands are leveraging esports opportunities in Australian market to connect and engage with gaming & esports audiences.



Stephanie winkler - research & insights apac, VICE

Travel has always been about seeing the world and 'finding ourselves' - however the way that Millennials and Gen Z define 'themselves' has drastically changed. What does this mean in an age where our identity is shaped by our experiences - and not through traditional markers like jobs, social status and religion? VICE examines this trend through the lens of their Cannes Lions spirituality study, and their best performing travel content.

10:45AM - morning refreshments and networking 



steve wright - head of apac & Japan, VAMP

The influencer marketing industry moves fast. Discover the biggest trends transforming the landscape and learn how to future-proof your strategy for 2020. Using insights from Vamp’s platform, Steve reveals the influencer marketing practises to leave in 2019 and what to focus on instead. 


65% of brands are planning to increase their spending on influencer marketing in 2020. Ensure your investment brings returns by following the actionable advice in this session. 



Gordon d'mello - founder & ceo, 5why media

Discussion Panel: 4x University Students 

A deep dive into the winners and losers of recent campaigns. We ask savvy GenZ's what works for them, what attracts them to brands and what they really think of award-winning campaigns. 

12:15PM - lunch and networking

Student’s outlook on education and career


Cris lima - head of research, student edge

Over the past 2 years, YouthInsight have been involved in numerous studies around understanding what’s most important to students in education and career exploration. We have collated some learnings from five separate research studies covering student’s awareness and perceptions of STEM, their views of various industries facing critical skills shortages, perceptions of newly created university courses and what is seen as most important when deciding on their educations and career pathways.

HOw to market like a start-up


Chris warinsara - co founder, pedestrian

Discussion Panel: Taryn Williams, CEO of The Right Fit + Scott MacGregor, Senior Digital Performance Manager, Alley Group

What can your brand or marketing team learn from Start-Ups? Would you spend your marketing budget differently if it was coming from your own pocket? 

Spilling the Tea on Gen Z: Publisher Partnerships and Predicting the Future


Daily Mail Australia

Speakers: Jessica Hunter, Commercial Director (pictured), Taylah Harb, Insights and Data Manager and Crystal Andrews, Deputy Commercial Editor.


The Daily Mail Australia team will present an excerpt from their landmark research study ‘Spilling the Tea on Gen Z’, which surveyed 500 Gen Z and Millennial Australians. This presentation will spotlight the global news brand’s most successful Gen Z focused campaigns, providing best practice strategies for brands looking to reach Gen Z across publisher platforms. This session will also take a look at what the future holds for Gen Z over the next decade – what will they be like when they ‘grow up’ into adulthood, and how can brands evolve alongside them.


how to build brand affinity with students in their moment of need


todd rogerson - cofounder, o week online

Todd will bust the myths on their social media habits, values, interests and what they look for in a brand.

He'll also provide top tips and insights for brands looking to reach this lucrative demographic. 

Over the last decade Todd's focus has been on building meaning, memorable brand engagement both internally and externally at companies across many sectors. 5 years ago Todd was integral in establishing + building Campus Group, a youth focussed Agency. Todd has worked with STA Travel, Chatime, ASOS, Officeworks + many more.

staying ahead of the social curve with facebook groups & tiktok


mei wong - head of marketing, contiki

Change is a constant in the digital age. Social media apps are here today, gone tomorrow and let’s not even mention keeping up with the algorithm changes.  The modern day marketer has to be resourceful, think fast and be brave enough to test new channels.

Hear from Contiki on trying to beat the Facebook algorithm and TikTok, the fastest growing social app, to engage with Gen Z.

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