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TikTok: How can the most valuable app in the World benefit your brand?

TikTok - the rising app is fascinating more than 500million monthly active users across 150 countries and is considered the Hottest Social Media Sensation in 2018/19.

But what is TikTok, how did it rise so quickly and how can you use it for your Marketing Campaigns?

TikTok is a rebrand of the better-known app, which was founded by Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang in 2014. The app was firstly launched in both the Chinese and American markets and grew rapidly over the last couple of years to a worldwide sensation. The app gives users a plethora of dialogue and music options and allows them to lip sync or even create their own, individual 15-second-videos, which can be shared with their audience.

TikTok is extremely popular amongst Generation Z and is now considered the most valuable startup in the world ($75bn).

How can TikTok benefit your brand?


With TikTok you can easily gather information about your target audience and ask about their opinion on business related topics by simply posting a customised quiz- or question video.

This makes direct marketing not only easy but efficient.


TikTok opens up a whole new world of engaging with your target audience, since there is no space for traditional display ads. You need to be creative and different to reach the potential of TikTok as a marketing channel. Several brands have already utilised TikTok to generate brand-related content, such as Guess, who created the #InMyDenim campaign.

The challenge urges users to present themselves in denim whilst recording and follow up with Guess’s signature hashtag.

So start your own movement! Invent a new dance or come up with a funny challenge.

The rule is: the crazier the better.


But crazy challenges and dances are not the only way to use TikTok for your marketing campaign. You can also use it in a more traditional way and share Industry News and Hot Topics with your customers. This will help you to keep your audience up to date and provide them with the newest Trends in a compact 15-second video.


TikTok lets you create entertaining, short videos for your already existing followers and customers, but did you know that it will help you to reach more people than ever within seconds?

The way TikTok works is simple: You choose a dialogue or music tune out of the gallery and lipsync to it. You also have the choice to start your own movement, silly dance or whatever you can fit into 15 seconds. There are endless possibilities to represent your business on TikTok and engage interactively with your customers. Showing your engagement will help you to grow your customer base in no time.


TikTok allows you just like any other social media platform to work with Influencers. TikTok-famous is considered someone with a reach of 250.000 and above. These people are called Macro Influencers and are the “celebrities” amongst the TikTok users.

Working with these people to promote your product or service will definitely seal the deal, however is not required if you know your specific customer target and goals.

If you for example just want to focus on promoting your business in Sydney, you can consider working with local Micro Influencers who have a smaller but more selected audience.

There is a lot of potential in TikTok marketing, if you’re creative, fun and love a good laugh.

So go ahead and give it a try.

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