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Exactly How to Market To Gen Z

Top Tips on Marketing to Gen Z
Actions Speak Louder Than Product

For a few years now, millennials have dominated the youth marketing space (at least from an umbrella point of view).

But step aside big brother, because Gen Z is truly establishing itself as the focused audience for brands to be aware of when it comes to youth marketing and engagement.

And in an ever more online world, with trends changing almost daily, and seemingly hundreds of words added to their collective vocabulary each year – how do you actually market to the most tech-savvy audience to ever live?

Grow With Them

We’re living in an age of non-stop advertising, but amongst all the chaos, Gen Z has become an audience to really engage with marketing. So much so that they value being included in the creative process when it comes to business and products. They understand they are going to be the target for a lot of advertising, and would much rather have tailored, more focused and personalised marketing aimed towards them.

So use that audience openness to help your brand grow. Chat to them, reward them, just involve them – you’ll be surprised just how much they’re willing to give.

Actions Speak Louder Than Product

One thing we know about Gen Z is that they’re largely invested in societal issues, and areas that may not necessarily affect them, but rather their friends or future generations. So it’s equally important that your brand stands for something beyond your actual product. Ask yourself, is there anything your brand or business does already that is socially impressive? Do you contribute to any bigger causes or charity initiatives? And if not, what can you do to improve?

There’s a decent chance your brand already participates in worthwhile contribution back to society – but are you telling people about it? The vital thing here is not to force any social responsibility efforts, rather make a change or introduce practices because it aligns with your brand or business. Gen Z will see straight through marketing that isn’t authentic.

Influencers Make It Relatable

Long gone are the days of traditional celebrity influence, and we live in a world now where Instagram-travellers are duplicating in drones. And what has really become vitally important for social media influencers is their ability to relate and engage with their audiences on a macro level.

They’ve cut down the gap between fame and everyday people, making social content very relatable, but with high quality and high authority. Platforms like The Right Fit, Vamp and Tribe have given influencers a melting pot to promote themselves, and are a great place to start if your brand is new to influencer marketing. (Just remember to research properly, don’t use influencers just for the sake of it).

Make Spending Money Easier

With the ever-higher cost of living across the country, and Gen Z’s relatively minimal wage, your brand needs to be aware of what that means for purchasing. You only need to look at the success of products like Afterpay to get an idea that millennials want a get-now, pay-later experience when shopping around.

So think about how you can introduce non-traditional payment methods for your customers to use. The more flexible purchasing options you have, the more open Gen Z customers will be to buying.

Invest In Your Reputation

In the modern digital age, Gen Z has grown up with businesses that have really shaken up a range of industries. Brands like Uber, Airbnb and Amazon have all established themselves as brands that Gen Z turn too. And a prime reason for this is their peer-to-peer review systems. There’s arguably never been a time where reviews have had a bigger influence on the purchasing decision. And for Gen Z, reviews are one of three main things they look for before purchasing.

So before you start marketing towards them, make sure your reviews and wider reputation is up to scratch. More so, if you have already got a range of good reviews from customers and/or clients, think about how you can showcase them in advertising to draw Gen Z to your product.

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