• David Willey

How Student Brand Ambassadors can revamp your brand

The elusive Generation Z are coming of age. Born between the mid-nineties and

late 2000’s, many are starting or already attending university, bringing with them

$44 billion in spending power. To stay relevant to these young and influential

consumers, here’s why student brand ambassadors should be top of your 2018

marketing strategy:

Organically advocate your brand

Brand ambassadors are more than just promoters; the concept relies on their

passion about a particular brand, enabling them to genuinely endorse a product

or service. Gen Z don’t trust adverts – they seek direct recommendations from

peers who provide reliable feedback and are a lot more credible than constructed

ads. Student ambassadors are therefore a key tool, as they use word of mouth

and social media to build brand awareness, encouraging like-minded students to


Increase brand exposure

Students can use their campus as a hub to engage with classmates and promote

your brand in a non-intrusive setting. The added benefit for your company is that

students can feedback what their peers think about the brand. By bringing these

young consumers into the marketing process, you can tailor your strategy to suit

their lifestyles and link-in with their values.

Encourage social media promotion

The best way to connect with Gen Z is through people they already trust. As well

as face-to- face endorsements, students should use their social channels to

connect with their receptive peers. Hired as independent ambassadors, any

advocacy of your brand will be more likely viewed as a genuine recommendation

than a paid-for advert. In return, ambassadors should be offered complimentary

products or gifts to further increase their brand loyalty and passion.

Be human

As digital natives, Gen Z have grown accustomed to tuning out adverts online,

tapping, swiping or simply averting their attention to another device just to avoid

watching. For brands that struggle to stand out online, the ambassador

programme is a great exposure tool as they are considered the face of your

brand. This personification can help build positive relationships with Gen Z as

they crave authenticity and welcome this human aspect.

Build a community

To loyal customers, certain brands do more than just provide a service. It is a

significant part of their lifestyle, shaping their identities and allowing them to

express themselves. By utilising passionate student ambassadors, they can use

their influence skills on social media to make their followers feel valued and

understood. This will lead to a community of like-minded students endorsing a

brand that is right for them.

Gen Z are ambitious students, keen to pursue their passions. The majority, if not

all, are highly proficient with social networking and will embrace the ambassador

programme to gain experience with their favoured brands. You could also be

looking at a future employee – it is not unusual for brands to hire a student

ambassador after they have proven to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about

your brand.

Use brand ambassadors to win over Gen Z – in just 2 years, they will account for

40% of all consumers. And if you haven’t won them over by then, it will probably

be too late.

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