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YMA18 Agenda - 23rd & 24th May 2018

8:50 AM

Introduction and Welcome

9:00 AM

Junkee Media

​Speaker: Stig Richards - Head of Insights

Truth Or Share: Junkee Media's 2018 Youth Research

Is Snapchat cool anymore? Is Facebook trusted? Do young people give a shit about changing the date of Australia Day, or are they more interested in smashed avo? In a world where truth is in the eye of the beholder, Junkee Media's latest annual research cuts through the noise to find out what really matters to young Australians. 'Truth Or Share' is an insightful and entertaining look at the facts of the figures of the largest longitudinal research study conducted into under 35 year-olds by Australia's leading youth publisher, Junkee Media.

9:45 AM

We Are Social

Speaker: Suzie Shaw - Managing Director

Mastering Messenger Apps – From bots to brand building

With three out of the top five global social platforms being messenger apps and up to 85% of social traffic now occurring in ‘dark social’, audiences are shifting more and more of their conversations to private, inhibiting a brand’s ability to join in. Marketers need to master the art of harnessing messenger platforms, but without compromising user experience.

10:10 AM


Speaker: Chris Wirasinha - Co-Founder 

Young Aussies & the Future of Brands

Pedestrian.tv asked Strategy Directors from Australia's top agencies the questions that were keeping them up at night about young Aussies. Most of them centred on the future of brands and the audience and how marketers can adapt to what's coming. The report covers everything from VR, voice assisted search & why being 'woke' is vital to keeping your marketing relevant. 

10:50 AM

Morning Refreshments and Networking

11:10 AM


Speaker: James Purcell, GenZ Strategist

Understanding GenZ: how to effectively market to the next generation of consumers

Gen Z is rapidly becoming the worlds next purchasing superpower, representing 27 per cent of the global population. True mobile and digital natives, these younger siblings of millennials are tech savvy, highly selective and are demanding things be done differently. Understanding how they differ to older generations is critical as they start to form their own brand preferences and develop personal buying habits. What are the rules of engagement for brands? How do they shop? And what are the key things businesses need to consider now to create loyalty?

11:35 AM


​Speaker: Alice Kimberly, Head of Strategy & Insights

Woke and Wasted? The State of Australia's Youth in 2018.

In this session, VICE will be exploring the state of, and anxieties of today's youth psyche, covering core topics including sex, money, music, self-worth. 

Alice Kimberley, Head of Insights and Strategy at VICE, will share results from an ongoing research study, conducted with a sample of 3,000 young people aged 16-35 throughout the last 12 months. 

12:00 PM


Speaker: Roger Box, Agency Lead 

YouTube Unboxed:

You’re probably familiar with the unboxing trend on YouTube. This session, however, is not about unboxing toys or phones. It's about unboxing brand new audience insights to make YouTube work harder for your brand. We see from our research, as well as our own usage, that Aussies are turning to YouTube to be inspired, educated, and entertained.

We wanted to go beyond the numbers and understand exactly how three key audience segments - Parents, Gen X and Millennials - are spending so many hours a month on YouTube and why they are giving it so much of their attention.

12:25 PM

Lunch and Networking

13:10 PM

oOh Media

Speaker: Jodi Rosenthal, Product Director - Locate by oOh!

The Secret Life of Students

In an increasingly fluid media environment, as students move across multiple and sometimes niche social media platforms using both public and public accounts, engaging this audience in a meaningful way presents an ongoing challenge for brands. From what they really love (and secretly hate), to what gets their heart racing as well as their fears and hope for the future, this presentation will arm you with student insights from the largest annual study of Australia’s youth.

13:35 PM


Speakers: Louise Khong - Associate Creative Director, Jelena Radisic - Chobani, Leah Dickenson - OMD

Next Wave Marketing Communications

Being young and female in a traditionally male-dominated space has a unique set of challenges... and advantages. Hear from the next generation of powerhouse creative, marketing and advertising gurus - who all happen to be female - about emerging trends, insights into the future of digital space and advice for the old school.

14:00 PM


Speaker: Gordon D'Mello, Founder & CEO

Content Marketing Hacks for Millennials & Gen Z In 2018

14:25 PM

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

14:45 PM

Agent Reality

Speaker: Paul Willey, COO

Augmented & Virtual Reality Marketing: 5 tips for finding ROI and utility when using immersive
technologies to tell brand stories

Specialist immersive media company, Agent Reality, will explore how brands are successfully deploying ‘holistic immersive strategies,’ rather than AR or VR-only activations.    

  • What aligned technologies are being used in conjunction with AR and VR, as part of this approach to branded immersive media?

  • What can be done to transcend the ‘gimmicky’ in AR activations – and the lack of scale often associated with VR ones?

  • How can game-play with Augmented Reality work for brand engagements?

  • What data-implications and trends are at play to prove ROI and utility with immersive media?

15:10 PM


Speakers: Rebecca Preuss - Digital Editor

The Kids Will Know It’s Bullsh*t

In this presentation, MTV Digital Editor Rebecca Preuss will discuss how MTV Australia turned their audience insight data into engaging branded content their audience actually wants to watch. Demonstrated through a collection of case studies, Rebecca will discuss how MTV produces seamlessly integrated content, working with premium brands and talent. Speaking to the strength of the MTV Brand in a local market, Rebecca will present the need to have a strong, engaged audience and smart brand integration to truly captivate a passionate millennial audience. After all, the kids will know it’s bullshit.

15:35 PM


Speaker: Vanessa Stavrou - Marketing Director

Marketing to Millennials: Why don’t Millennials listen?

How do we talk to a generation of ad blocking, brand loyal, super consumers, who don’t want to be sold to. Contiki shares how content marketing and storytelling can be the foundation to drive a commercial outcome for your business. A brand that has remained relevant with young people for over 60 years, Contiki shares their insights into mastering the journey of content to conversion.

16:00 PM

Closing Remarks from YMA

16:00 PM

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