8:50 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Speaker: Director Growth Tank 

9:00 AM

Junkee Media

​Speaker: Fran Deighton - Consumer Strategy Lead

A Gender for Change

All over the world a new generation of empowered young women are rising up to lead the charge and help reshape our culture. Junkee Media’s latest annual research delves deep into how young Australians are dealing with a post #metoo world, and contrasts this year’s findings with data from 25,000+ Millennials they’ve spoken to over 9 years. A Gender For Change is an insightful and entertaining research dive into what really matters to under 35s, from climate change to technology, mental health to social media, and what all of this means for marketers and brands trying to reach these ever changing consumers.

9:45 AM

Sports Geek

​Speaker: Sean Callanan - Founder

eSports for Brands

eSports - professional computer gaming - is the fastest growing sport category in the World. According to Newzoo, the number of esports enthusiasts worldwide will reach 201 million in 2019, which translates to year-over-year grwth of 15%. Learn global esports trends and how brands are leveraging esports opportunities in Australian markets to connect and engage with gaming and esports audiences.

10:15 AM


Speaker: Stephanie Winkler - Research & Insights - APAC


Travel is the new Religion

Travel has always been about seeing the world and 'finding ourselves' - however the way that Millennials and Gen Z define 'themselves' has drastically changed. What does this mean in an age where our identity is shaped by our experiences - and not through traditional markers like jobs, social status and religion? VICE examines this trend through the lens of their Cannes Lions spirituality study, and their best performing travel content.

10:45 AM

Morning Refreshments & Networking

11:10 AM


Speaker:  TBC

11:40 AM


​Speaker: TBC



12:10 PM

Discussion Panel: How Not To F*** Up Your Content Marketing



Discussion Panel: How Not To Market like a Start-Up

What brands and marketing teams can learn from start-ups. How would you spend the dollars differently if they were coming from your own pocket?

12:35 PM

Lunch & Networking

13:15 PM

Asahi Premium Beverages

Speaker: Rachel Veltman - Senior Brand Manager


Staying Fresh - Driving relevance of mature brands with a rapidly changing consumer

Vodka Cruiser just turned 18 years old but it’s core consumer remains the ever changing young millennial consumer group. Rachel will talk through how the brand has built relevance and reshaped its iconic positioning with this young consumer group and some of the key learnings for older brands to remain relevant.

13:45 PM

Universal Music Australia/BRING

Speaker: James Griffiths - Creative Director 


Behaving like a Hip-Hop star will transform your brand

Hip-Hop. An art form constantly re-inventing itself to stay relevant. As the genre has grown to dominance, now accounting for more than half of the world’s streams, BRING will share global and local insights into the artform, its artists and its audience to demonstrate how brands can learn to embrace it to create culture of their own.

14:15 PM


Speaker: Roh Singh - Human Performance Expert


Rise Warrior Rise: 'Have it all without losing your mind'

Roh Singh, a human performance expert, transforms lives. Roh understands the relationship between brands, content and messaging to attract and keep the right customers (having led Telstra Retail and BlackBerry Brand globally). Now Roh's focus lies in building better people, strengthening people from within to be their best selves. 

Millennials and Gen Zs all gravitate to this message which is 'have it all without losing your mind' through incorporating meaning and purpose into their lives. More and more focus by this young generation is being placed on how can they increase their happiness and optimism for the future by freeing themselves of anxieties and improving their mental wellbeing. Roh is making this possible for anyone who wants it by utilising the practical tools from his book 'Rise Warrior Rise'. Roh Singh will instill within you a reason to be your best and invoke the energy, courage and vitality you need to continue to succeed in life. Becoming the best you will enable you to design your brand of meaning and purpose, branding internally in attracting the right talent and externally to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

14:45 PM

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

15:10 PM


Speaker: William Dennis - Associate Director, Digital Acquisition Marketing

Building a relationship with the customers of tomorrow

Brands need to work harder than ever to build a relationship with Millennial customers to drive purchase and in turn loyalty. Telco is a dirty word. More so when you talk to Millennials. Here are some of the things Optus are doing to engage the most savvy audience on the market.

15:40 PM

Discussion Panel: Find Out What Students Really Think!

Speakers: 4 x Savvy University Students

Discussion Panel: Find Out What Students Really Think!

Pose your questions and find out about the challenges and cultural factors which influence and shape the decision-making processes of young people and students today

16:10 PM


Speaker: Serena Leith - Director of Marketing

Data and the power of culture in brand storytelling

How Spotify has harnessed the power of creators and communities to drive cultural storytelling with data and captivate Millennials in AU & NZ. A showcase of our best creative and brand work in market.

16:40 PM

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