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2023 speaker themes


1. Social Media and Privacy:
Understanding how Gen Z uses social media and how privacy concerns impact their behavior.

2. Influencer Culture:
Exploring the role of influencers in shaping Gen Z's attitudes and preferences and how brands can tap into this trend.

3. Mental Health and Wellness:
Examining the unique mental health challenges faced by Gen Z and how brands can support wellness through their marketing campaigns.

4. Online Communities and Social Connection:
Understanding how Gen Z uses online communities to connect with like-minded individuals and how brands can tap into this trend.

5. Gaming and Esports:
Examining the rising popularity of gaming and esports among Gen Z and how brands can leverage this trend to engage with this demographic.

6. Creative Self-Expression:
Understanding how GenZ expresses themselves creatively, including through music, art, and fashion, and how brands can align with this trend.

7. Sustainability and Ethical Consumption:
Examining the importance of sustainability and ethical consumption to Gen Z and how brands can incorporate these values into their marketing campaigns.

8. Diversity and Representation:
Understanding how GenZ values diversity and representation in media and advertising and how brands can effectively promote these values.

9. Education and Learning:
Examining GenZ's attitudes towards education and lifelong learning and how brands can create educational content and resources that resonate with this demographic.

10. Future Aspirations:
Exploring the hopes and aspirations of Gen Z and how brands can align with these values to build long-term loyalty and advocacy.


Professional Development:
A day of professional development where attendees learn effective management strategies to take their skills to the next level.

We have curated an exceptional lineup of speakers who will inspire you to ignite new interests and achieve your project goals. This is an opportunity to enhance your professional skills and grow your career!

previous attendees

previous attendees

"Overall, truly a great event that has sparked changes in what we're doing in our business already.
Thank you!"

- Brown Forman
"Thanks so much for organising an incredible conference, we really enjoyed ourselves and felt like there was a lot to take away. Looking forward to next years conference."

Unreal event.
Inspiring speakers and epic sponsors! Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day event"

"Overall an outstanding line up of speakers, with vast majority very charismatic, informative and engaging - well done!"

- Rhipe
"Thanks for a great conference.
I found it really valuable and the presenters were very engaging and well practiced"

- Lion
"The speakers were diverse and provided a great insight into the marketing strategies behind millennials. Thanks again!"

- Samsonite

previous headline speakers

previous headline speakers

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