YMA18 Agenda - 15th November

8:50 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Speaker: Director, Growth Tank 

9:00 AM

Junkee Media

Speaker: Tim Duggan - Publisher

Truth Or Share: Junkee Media's 2018 Youth Research

Is Snapchat cool anymore? Is Facebook trusted? Do young people give a shit about changing the date of Australia Day, or are they more interested in smashed avo? In a world where truth is in the eye of the beholder, Junkee Media's latest annual research cuts through the noise to find out what really matters to young Australians. 'Truth Or Share' is an insightful and entertaining look at the facts of the figures of the largest longitudinal research study conducted into under 35 year-olds by Australia's leading youth publisher, Junkee Media.

9:45 AM


Speaker: Sophie Renton - Head of Research



10:15 AM


Speaker: TBC



10:40 AM

Morning Refreshments & Networking

11:10 AM


Speaker: TBC



12:00 AM


Speaker: Roh Singh - Human Performance Expert


Rise Warrior Rise: 'Have it all without losing your mind'

Roh Singh, a human performance expert, transforms lives. Roh understands the relationship between brands, content and messaging to attract and keep the right customers (having led Telstra Retail and BlackBerry Brand globally). Now Roh's focus lies in building better people, strengthening people from within to be their best selves. 

Millennials and Gen Zs all gravitate to this message which is 'have it all without losing your mind' through incorporating meaning and purpose into their lives. More and more focus by this young generation is being placed on how can they increase their happiness and optimism for the future by freeing themselves of anxieties and improving their mental wellbeing. Roh is making this possible for anyone who wants it by utilising the practical tools from his book 'Rise Warrior Rise'. Roh Singh will instill within you a reason to be your best and invoke the energy, courage and vitality you need to continue to succeed in life. Becoming the best you will enable you to design your brand of meaning and purpose, branding internally in attracting the right talent and externally to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

12:45 PM

Lunch & Networking

13:30 PM

The Urban List

Speaker: TBC



13:55 PM

Universal Music Australia/BRING

Speaker - Lisa Grieve - Senior Director, Creative Licensing & Artist Integration


Behaving like a Hip-Hop star will transform your brand

Hip-Hop. An art form constantly re-inventing itself to stay relevant. As the genre has grown to dominance, now accounting for more than half of the world’s streams, BRING will share global and local insights into the art form, its artists and its audience to demonstrate how brands can learn to embrace it to create culture of their own.

14:20 PM


Speaker: Gordon D'Mello - Founder

How To Make Content That Millennials & Gen Z Will Actually Engage With

Join Gordon, Founder of rising youth-publisher 5Why and a digital marketing consultant, as he takes you through an interactive workshop on how your brand can use content marketing for Millennials & Gen Z in 2019. You'll come out from this session with content ideas, easy ways to find topics worth creating content on, as well as finding out about what this youth audience is talking about - and how you can enter the conversation.

14:45 PM

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

15:15 PM


Speakers: TBC


How to Create a Winning Content Strategy for 2019

This presentation looks at the content you should create to increase the number of people discovering and engaging with your brand online, as well as handy tools and hacks to help increase your effectiveness. It also outlines the most comprehensive strategies for optimising, promoting and measuring results to gauge the success of your content strategy.

15:45 PM


Speaker: Stephanie Winkler - Digital Strategist

The Woke Paradox - The State of Australia's Youth in 2018

In this session, VICE will be exploring the state of, and anxieties of today's youth psyche, covering core topics including sex, money, music, self-worth. Stephanie Winkler, Digital Strategist, will share results from an ongoing research study, conducted with a sample of 3,000 young people aged 16-35 throughout the last 12 months. 

16:30 PM

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